The "Cuddy" Name


In 2007, a team known as the Sanford Airsoft Renegade Soliders (SARS) was started  by a small group of young airsoft enthusiasts in Sanford, Manitoba, Canada. When one of the founding team members', Alexander Cuddy, passed away suddenly at the age of 15 years in July 2009, the team was renamed "Cuddy's Commandos" in his honor.


The Cuddy's Commandos website was created in early August 2011, and was run as a "team", but functioned as a club where players of all ages could enjoy the sport of airsoft together. Since it's founding, Cuddy's Commandos has hosted day-long games at a variety of airsoft fields with player turnout reaching over 160 at its peak in 2014. The group has also hosted many overnight games over the years, with use of pyrotechnics, game props and diverse fields.


In 2015, the Manitoba airsoft community saw a decrease in it's playerbase, many fields closed and much of the longstanding community seemed to have moved on from the sport. It was during this downturn that Cuddy's Commandos aquired its home field near St. Laurent, Manitoba - and quietly began to develop it into a quality field.


Near the end of 2017, it was decided by the Cuddy's Commands Board of Directors that the community would be revised to suit how Cuddy's was being run, and was renamed "Cuddy's Command Post". While Cuddy's is no longer called a "team", it is still run on the basis of creating an inclusive community, where new and veteran airsoft players can come together to enjoy the sport of airsoft.