We ask that anyone who comes on the field reads this this rule list – doing so keeps things organized and safe on game day. CCP thanks you for your understanding.


Note that along with all of these rules, there is also common sense. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!


Code of Conduct

There are many people out there who dislike the idea of airsoft. Negative perceptions are usually due to a few “bad apples” whose conduct OFF the field gives us all a bad name.

Remember that what you do off the field reflects on Cuddy's Command Post as a whole, and bad behavior off the field may get you banned, especially when your actions are airsoft-related.

A few of the most important rules regarding conduct: Always transport your guns in sealed bags or boxes to and from games.





  • We charge $10.00 per day, which goes towards field development. All profits are saved for things like prizes, effects, props, equipment such as flags or armbands, etc.



  • All players must have submitted a signed waiver (available here) before they will be allowed to play in any Cuddy’s game. If you are under 18, your parents must sign it as well.  Only one waiver is required.  Do not bring a waiver to every game.



  • All players must wear eye protection certified to conform to ANSI Z87 or CSA Z94.3 specifications, OR wear eye protection made from wire mesh. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY ANY PLAYER REMOVE HIS OR HER EYE PROTECTION AT ANY TIME INSIDE THE PLAY AREA. If you remove your eyewear for any reason, you are done for the day.

  • Eye protection can be either safety glasses or goggles (which must be of a close-fitting style that prevents BB’s from hitting the eyes from the side, top, or bottom), or mesh airsoft goggles or masks. Note that on rare occasions, it may be possible for a BB to shatter and pass small fragments through the mesh. For this reason, we do recommend safety glasses.

  • We strongly recommend the use of something to cover player’s teeth. We’ve had at least two instances of players being struck in the teeth, and having them knocked out or shatter. Mesh masks that cover only the teeth/chin area are a great option (used in conjunction with safety glasses), and are readily available. Full face masks are another good option. Some players opt to wear a mouth guard. Use what works best for you, but remember that you are entirely responsible for your own safety.



  • No 0.12g BBs are permitted, due to the fact that they tend to shatter upon impact. BB’s must be 0.20g or heavier.

  • No silica BB’s are allowed at any time.

  • There is no limit on the number of mags, types of mags, or amount of ammunition you can carry.


FPS Limits

  • No gun capable of semi-automatic or automatic fire, may fire a 0.20g BB more than 420 fps.

  • No gun limited to single fire or bolt action, may fire a 0.20g BB more than 470 fps.

  • Any gun that shoots between 420 and 470fps has a minimum engagement distance of 60 feet. This means that no matter what the circumstances, you cannot shoot anything unless it is at least 60 feet away.

  • ROF limit is 40RPS for full auto (only permitted for certain roles).


The Admin Area or Safe Zone

  • The area where we park, gear up, eat, etc. is a safe zone. There is no shooting of any kind, even dry firing your guns, permitted in the safe zone. This goes for before games, during games, or after games.

  • If you realize your weapon is loaded; put your eye protection on, walk to the play area, remove your mag, and clear your weapon.

  • The safe zone is the only area where safety glasses are not mandatory.



  • Don’t shoot them. They will be clearly marked in high visibility gear (hat or vest). If you want some nice actions shots avoid shooting at them.


Chronographing Guns

  • At the beginning of each game, all guns must be chronographed. If they fall within the FPS limits, then they will be marked in a non-damaging, but long-lasting manner (ie - a small, proprietary colored zip-tie).

  • No un-marked guns are allowed on the field at any time. If one is found to be missing its identification tag, you will be asked to remove it from the field. Any guns, tagged or not, suspected of firing ‘hot ' will be re-chrono'd as we see fit.

  • Polar Star guns will have their adjustment zip tied with a unique zip tie. GBBR's may be re-chrono'd during the day if hot weather warrants it. Failure to get your gun chrono'd will result in you sitting out the first game.




Arriving at Games

  • When arriving at a game, bring all of your equipment into the admin area and gear-up there. NO GUNS should be removed from their cases anywhere but in the admin area.

  • NO GUNS should be carried exposed on or across a road of any kind.

  • NO GUNS should be fired or dry-fired on or near a road. Our field has neighbors, and they don’t want to see guns, or hear anyone firing at or near their property.


Use of Full-Auto

  • Unless otherwise stated, members will use semi-automatic fire ONLY.
  • Guns that replicate real world LMGs or auto-only rifles will be assigned to “Gunner” position. They will be allowed to fire full auto, but not inside buildings or CQB areas that are within 10 feet (ie. tarp maze).

  • Gunners are encouraged to provide covering or suppressing fire when possible and to carry a sidearm of some sort for close engagements though it is not mandatory. In most cases gunners will be split between teams evenly when possible.


Make Safe

How do you make your weapon safe (also known as “clearing your weapon”)?

  • If you have an electric gun, remove the magazine, put your gun on "semi auto", and fire into the ground two times to make sure there are no chambered BBs.

  • If you have a gas gun, simply remove the mag. No mag in a gas gun means no power to shoot.

  • If you hear the words “MAKE SAFE ", do the above procedure. Don’t ask why. Just do it, THEN ask why.


If you see something that represents a danger to yourself, or another player, you can stop the game at any time by yelling “MAKE SAFE ".

  • If you hear these words, you will immediately cease fire, pass on the message by yelling “MAKE SAFE ", and clear your weapon. You can tell the other players what you noticed that might be dangerous. Once the issue has been rectified, you will receive instructions to resume the game, re-group, etc.

  • Examples of things that would be worthy of yelling  "MAKE SAFE " would be a quad riding through the area of play, someone losing their safety glasses, a person in the play area NOT associated with Cuddy's, someone's pet/little brother/baby sister running around the play area, etc.

  • Anyone can call "MAKE SAFE ".


No Duff

  • If someone gets hurt, yell “NO DUFF ", cease fire, and go lend assistance. The game will be paused while the injured are taken care of, evacuated, buried, or dragged out of the line of fire.

  • If you hear “NO DUFF ", yell “NO DUFF ".


Optional Mercy   

  • If you are within 5 feet of someone, you have the option to say “mercy”, to avoid shooting them from so close. You don’t HAVE to Mercy them, but it’s the sportsmanlike thing to do.

  • You can not mercy through walls. A window mercy is fine.

  • If the person has their back turned when you decide to mercy, they may choose not to take the mercy, but in most cases you will be able to shoot them before they can shoot you, so it's best to accept a mercy that is behind you.

  • If you decide to mercy someone while they are facing you, you must make sure they accept the mercy, or shoot them. If they shoot you after you saying mercy, they chose not to accept it. In most cases people will take a mercy, but be aware of the optional mercy rule. This is to avoid people using mercy to clear a full room, quicker than they could shoot them all.

  • Knife kills or mercy kills where you are close enough to touch them, are NOT optional. If you are touched on the shoulder, or killed by a knife, you don't yell hit, but simply sit down and count to 10 before you start calling for a medic.
  • When performing a knife kill, players must use the “butterknifing” technique. Simply swipe the flat side of the knife part of their gear and whisper knife kill or mercy kill. NO stabbing and NO slicing with the sharp side regardless of the material.


Head Shots

  • Head shots always count.


Area of Play

  • Consider the area of play to be active at all times.

  • Never remove your safety glasses or masks in the area of play.

  • Non players welcome to wander through the area of play, as long as they are wearing safety glasses, and recognize that they may accidentally be fired upon. It’s pretty obvious to tell who’s NOT playing, but mistakes happen, you may be obscured by trees, etc. Don’t take it personally.

  • The universal sign that says you've been shot, or are otherwise not in the game, is to keep one hand up above your head, or to wear a kill rag, which is any red piece of cloth perched on top of your head.


Check Fire  

  • If you are being subjected to friendly fire, yell “CHECK FIRE! ". Alternatively, you can yell “FRIENDLY!”

  • Friendly fire count as hits.


Blind Fire  

  • Blind fire is the act of shooting at something without aiming or seeing what you’re shooting at, such as around a corner, through a window, etc.

  • If you can’t see the end of your barrel and your target at the same time you don’t shoot.

  • Blind fire is strictly prohibited.



  • Hits count anywhere on your body or the gear you are wearing, including hats, backpacks, vests, boots, glasses, etc.

  • Gun hits (having a BB hit your weapon) do not count, but you must yell out “GUN!” so the guy who shot you doesn’t think you aren’t calling your hits.

  • Ricochets that hit you do NOT count as hits. (ie - a BB bounces off something or someone and then hits you)  

  • When you're hit, you are hit, immediately yell “HIT! ", and drop to the ground WHERE YOU ARE. DO NOT walk away, do not find a comfy place to sit. You’re dead, so act like it. The only exceptions are if you’re in the immediate line of fire or standing in a puddle, or above a pile of critter poop.

  • Once down, raise your hand and/or gun, pull out your kill rag if you have one, and call for a medic to come heal you. While calling for medic count a minute out loud (at least on every 10th number). If a medic doesn't reach you in time, walk out to your respawn area and then return to the game.

  • If you’ve been hit, but drop your hand, you’ll be hit again, so don’t complain about it - just keep your hand up. We want our games to be as realistic as possible, so if you’re shot in a doorway, then your dead body will block the doorway - your squad, or the enemy, will have to adapt, go around, or over top of you. If you’ve been hit, and inadvertently get hit again, don’t whine about it. It happens.

  • NO using dead bodies as cover.


Call your hits

  • The most common complaint at any airsoft game is about people not calling their hits. It ruins the game for everyone, and we will ask you to leave the field if you are identified as having not called your hits.


Dead Men Tell No Tales

  • Dead men DO NOT answer radio messages or communicate in any way. Interacting and/or providing live/dead players with any information while dead is considered cheating.



  • Respawning is what you do after being hit or killed, to come back to life. Depending on the game scenario, respawning will involve going to a 'respawn point ', and start over.  If you are dead and on the way to respawn then a medic can’t heal you. You have to go all the way to respawn.


Basic Medic Rules

  • All players are medics

  • All players will be required to wear a piece of paracord, tied with three knots on their gear. This represents your first “life”

  • Once hit, drop and count a minute out loud (at least every 10th number),during this time you are “downed” which is the same as being dead but still have the ability to be healed.

  • When a teammate comes to medic you once hit, they will untie the 3 knots, and once finished you are back in the game.

  • The second time you are hit, now with no knots to untie, you are dead. You will proceed to the designated respawn, where you will retie your knots. You can ONLY retie knots at designated respawn areas. Re-tying knots anywhere else is cheating. If you see someone retying their knots outside of a respawn, take note of who and let an admin know.



  • All grenades count as hits whether they expel BB’s or just create a large bang.

  • Grenades have a kill radius of 15 feet regardless if BB’s hit you or not. If you see or hear grenade go off within 15 feet, unless there is hard cover between you and it (ie. a tree larger than your body, full wall, vehicle, etc.) then you are dead.

  • No outside homemade pyro.  Store bought smoke is fine to bring. Inform an admin prior to use.

  • No “cooking” grenades (letting the fuse burn prior to throwing) light and throw immediately. DO NOT THROW GRENADES DIRECTLY AT SOMEONE. It is not necessary.


Foul Language

  • Classy people don't swear, they use big boy words. Dropping an F-bomb when you've been shot in the butt cheek is one thing, but aggression towards other players, for any reason, will not be tolerated.


Shooting at wildlife

  • If it breathes and is not wearing safety glasses, and you shoot at it, you're out. Period. Forever.



  • They happen and should be handled with class and maturity. Discussions are encouraged. Arguments will be stopped immediately. Physical altercations of ANY kind will result in severe disciplinary actions.



  • If you perceive that you’ve been wronged, discuss it with the wrong-doer, otherwise, let an admin deal with it.

  • Retaliation will not be tolerated under any circumstances, and will be dealt-with immediately.

  • Even a single shot fired in anger could get you suspended. Our weapons are toys. If you use your toy as a weapon, you’re out.



  • Smoking is only permitted in Admin area. Do not dispose of your butts on the ground. NO SMOKING IN FIELD.


Disciplinary Action

Cuddy’s Command Post reserves the right to suspend or ban any players from any Cuddy’s game for any reason as decided by the senior leadership. Rule infractions could result in anything from a warning, through to a permanent ban from all future games, or anything in between.

These decisions are not taken lightly, but will be made if needed in order to preserve our members’ safety and enjoyment of the game.

If someone is breaking the rules or playing in an unsportsmanlike way, inform the organizers THEN AND THERE. We resolve all issues when they happen, on the field.

DO NOT wait until the end of the day, or three days later, to let us know that “the tall, skinny kid wearing camo wasn't calling his hits " - this is useless to us. We cannot make rules for all scenarios, and these rules will change over time. Read them from time to time, and most importantly, USE COMMON SENSE.